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A unique gift for Christmas – Portofino sets

3 bottles of Italian Portofino Dry Gin placed in a way that creates a panorama - a gift for Christmas

When winter wraps us in white fluff and the streets sparkle with the colours of Christmas decorations, each of us begins the search to find the kind of Christmas gift that will bring joy to our loved ones. At this special time, we present gift sets with Portofino Dry Gin – a gem among Italian gins. We also invite you to discover Christmas gift sets that stand for elegance, sophistication, and unforgettable flavours.

Gift boxes Portofino Dry Gin – The perfect gift for the Christmas

When the magical time of the Christmas season arrives, each of us is looking for a unique gift that will delight our loved ones. That’s why we have prepared our Christmas offer of exclusive Portofino Dry Gin sets. With the introduction of these special editions, we want to offer you not only the perfect gin, but the entire history and tradition of Italian craftsmanship. From elegant gift boxes to lavishly appointed sets, our products have been carefully designed to attract lovers of refined flavours and aesthetics. Each set we present in our article is not only a symbol of quality and taste, but also a unique gift that brings the magic of Italy right under the Christmas tree.

prezent na święta butelka portofino dry gin pudełko martini edition
Italian gin under the Christmas tree in a special box – Martini Edition

Unforgettable Christmas starts with unique gifts that will be remembered for years to come. If you’re looking for a gift idea that will delight in every way, consider Portofino Dry Gin limited edition with Martini box. This is not only an excellent choice for connoisseurs of fine spirits, but also for those who appreciate beauty and class in every aspect of life. A bottle of gin decorated in this way will undoubtedly become the star of the evening, and its sophisticated design and promise of incredible taste is a composition that will warm up the atmosphere of any festive gathering.

Włoski gin portofino dry gin i szklanki
Italian design in your home

For lovers of gin and sophisticated design, we have something that will undoubtedly catch the eye and pamper the senses – the Mario Luca Giusti Gift Box. This set combines beauty and functionality. Inside you will find a half liter of our exquisite Portofino Dry Gin and two blue glasses from the renowned designer, which are works of art in themselves. This set is a promise of extraordinary moments spent with loved ones on a festive evening. Let each sip of this unique gin, served in perfectly shaped glasses, transport you to a place where time passes more slowly – to sunny Portofino.

wysokie szklanki klasyczny zestaw prezentowy Portofino Dry Gin prezent na święta
Classic gift set

Christmas is a time when simplicity meets tradition, and our Classic Gift Box set fits perfectly into this mood. It includes a 500 ml bottle of Portofino Dry Gin and two tall glasses, which are perfect for preparing a variety of cocktails.

The Classic Gift Box is a choice that allows you to enjoy your favourite liquor in the best style, and at the same time is versatile enough to fit different tastes and preferences. Give the gift of quality and functionality to your loved ones with this set.

Trzy małe butelki włoskiego ginu Portofino Dry Gin ustawione w sposób przedstawiający panoramę prezent na święta
A view of the town of Portofino: Panorama Bundle

A trip to picturesque Portofino no longer requires booking a ticket – just discover our Panorama Bundle. Three 100 ml bottles of our exquisite Portofino Dry Gin are for those who want to immerse themselves in the essence of the Italian coast without leaving home. Set side by side, the bottles create a panoramic view of the famous town, bringing its charm directly to your liquor shelf. This set is not only an opportunity to savour the taste, but also to admire the unique art, where each bottle is a piece of a larger whole. During the holiday season, when we want to share beauty, the Panorama Bundle becomes the perfect gift that offers both a taste experience and a pleasure for the eye.

Zestaw prezent na święta panorama Portofino Dry Gin 500 ml
Exceptional trio, exceptional taste

Our special Panorama Gift Box set is a feast for the senses that will satisfy the most discerning gin lovers. This unique set includes three 500 ml bottles, each storing the wealth of flavours that Portofino Dry Gin has to offer. Presented together, the bottles are arranged in a picturesque panorama of the city of Portofino, creating not only a spectacular decorative element, but also a testament to authenticity and distilling craftsmanship. This is the perfect choice for those who want to share the joy and taste of the perfect gin with family and friends during the holiday season.

The joy of gift-giving

All in all, our collection of Portofino Dry Gin Christmas sets has been carefully crafted to satisfy the tastes of both aesthetes and lovers of traditional flavours. Each set is a thoughtful selection that provides not only a unique taste experience, but also the joy of gift-giving.