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Alcohol market trends 2024

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Premium alcohol is not just a drink, but also a way to express your lifestyle, taste and personality. There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of delicious cognac, which has a rich history and tradition, or wine, which delights not only with its taste, but also with its beautiful packaging. Learn about alcohol market trends for 2024.

Sustainability and social responsibility

One of the key trends in the premium alcohol market is the growing environmental and social awareness of consumers. More and more people are paying attention to how and where alcohol is produced, its impact on the environment and the local community, and what values the producer represents.

That’s why alcohol companies are investing in sustainable practices, such as:

  • using natural and local ingredients,
  • reducing water and energy consumption,
  • reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • supporting local communities and charitable organizations,
  • promoting responsible consumption and alcohol education.

An example of a brand that stand out in this area is Portofino Dry Gin, an Italian gin from the Portofino region. The brand has partnered with the One Ocean foundation to protect the environment, with a focus on the region from which it originated – Portofino.

trends in the alcohol market, 3 bottles of portofino dry gin arranged to show the skyline of Portofino village
Innovation and personalization

Another important trend in the premium spirits market is the push for innovation and personalization. Consumers are looking not only for high quality, but also for uniqueness and individuality. That’s why liquor companies are launching new products that offer:

  • unusual and surprising combinations of flavors, aromas and colors,
  • experimental and creative methods of production, aging and bottling,
  • the ability to customize alcohol to suit your own preferences and occasions,
  • personalization of labels, packaging and accessories.

The concept of innovation is perfectly demonstrated by LOUERS vodka. Its extroverted bottle studded with spikes, along with mounted illumination, attracts consumers who identify with the style presented by this beverage. Such a product works well in clubs, and at other types of events.

Trends in the alcohol market, prestigious LOUERS vodka in the club

Another important trend in the premium spirits market is premiumization. Consumers want more quality and prestige spirits to discover new flavors, combined with high quality performance. For this reason, alcohol brands are increasingly focusing on raising the quality and prestige standards of their products, creating stories and emotions around their spirits, holding events that engage consumers and build brand relationships, and using technology and social media to increase reach and interaction with customers.

At this level, Lamborghini Wines stand out. They come from the same manufacturer as the world-famous luxury cars. The brand has a built reputation, a crowd of fans, and a whole extensive history. As with the vehicles, the manufacturer cares about the highest quality of its creations, as well as visually interesting packaging.

Crimston – Your partner in the world of premium spirits

If you are looking for a reliable and professional distributor of premium alcohol on the Polish market, take a look at Crimston’s offer. It is a Polish alcohol distributor that offers premium alcohol of unique brands, including Jumping Goat coffee liqueur, Pampelle French aperitif or Portofino Italian gin. Crimston supplies premium spirits to the HoReCa and foodservice industries, tailoring to individual customer needs and expectations. The company not only sells alcohol, but also advises on how to serve, combine and use it in bars and restaurants.


Alcohol market trends are dynamic, the market is competitive, and consumers are increasingly demanding and aware. Therefore, liquor companies must constantly evolve and adapt to changing trends and needs. Companies that are able to meet these expectations will have a chance for success and consumer loyalty.