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Nightlife Scene

Direct and indirect involvement in the nightlife field, characterized by broad and deep expertise in nightclubs and bars of the Polish culture. In recent years, the company’s management has been and continues to be involved in ongoing and inclusive management of a leading nightclub in Poland.

Our familiarity with the nightlife market is deep and broad, and our knowledge includes serious familiarity with the nightlife map in Warsaw in particular and in Poland in general. We have knowledge of consumer behavior in this market, consumer habits and trends related to the field. Our vast knowledge and experience bring us to a very high business control in activities in the nightlife scene, while minimizing exposure, maximizing revenue, strengthening benefits and fixing disadvantages. Areas of responsibility included:

  • General managing
  • Managing financial fields
  • Supervise operating systems
  • Monitor and control maintenance and malfunctions works
  • Managing and recruiting employees
  • Negotiations with suppliers
  • Monitoring customer service
  • Creating procedures and ensuring their execution
  • Developing and promoting the brand
  • Managing the entire marketing system
  • Handling security issues and more