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Our Brand

Crimston is a company engaged in a variety of business activities including worldwide products trading, import and export, import and distribution of alcohol, beverages, spirits, and other consumer products, business consulting, marketing, advertising and branding solutions, event productions, as well as is involved in the nightlife and Polish gastronomy scene.

We identify business opportunities and work to realize the opportunity and make the most of our clients and business partners.

Our company makes an ongoing effort to expand business operations and the circle of business contacts and we are open to contain and explore different business directions in the Polish market in particular, but also in other EU and countries worldwide.

In front of us always stands the supreme principle that accompanies us – decency. From which our character is derived, that principle expressed in transparency, honesty, sharing and mutual respect, while preserving the interests of all involved business entities – partners, suppliers and customers.

However, our growth engine that allows us to grow and develop is based on creative consultants, pluralism, listening, cultivating a learning curve and thinking outside the box.