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Import – Export

In-depth business relationships allow us to generate opportunities related to importing and exporting goods from different countries.
A high-quality business circle that includes manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers gives us the benefit of accompanying and mediating international bargains. Our range of business relationships includes entities dealing with the following areas:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
    High-quality Supplies, Items of Personal Protective Equipment, Accessories reducing the risk of bacterial or viral infections. Certified and in accordance with European regulations.
  • Metal Market
    Stainless-steel and Steel Products including black and Galvanized Metals. Various metal products including Outdoor furniture for public institutions and municipal authorities’ facilities.
  • Combat Support Equipment
    Large quantities of equipment adapted to security forces, Police and military special forces used for the training routine and for combat operational activities.
  • Heavy Engineering Mechanical Equipment
    Mechanical and Heavy Equipment for Construction, Quarrying, Paving, Demolition and Dealing with Various Civil Engineering Projects.