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Pampelle Premium Grapefruit Aperitif entering Polish market

Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif

Since the world has become crazy about Spritz cocktails and aperitif liquors, a significant growth of the market has been noticed worldwide. One of such fast growing producers is certainly the premium French brand, Pampelle Aperitif, that was launched in January 2022 in the Polish territory. It is expected to be soon available in all premium alcohol shops as well as local venues like restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs in Poland.

Introducing of the brand in Poland is being carried on by Crimston Spirits (Crimston Ltd). Crimston firm is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Pampelle brand in the Polish region and responsible for all marketing activities of the Pampelle Aperitif Polska.

Meet your new spritz – Pampelle Spritz

In the early 2022, Crimston team started negotiations with several well-known nightlife on-trade venues, that immediately resulted in the first sponsored agreement with the famous bar level 27 rooftop in Warsaw. While the premium aperitif Pampelle has started to be served and consumed in level 27 rooftop, not only bartenders but also level 27 guests, are complimenting the unique flavour of this aperitif. The most famous cocktail that contains the premium aperitif Pampelle, is named Pampelle Spritz, and along with the number of sales getting bigger every weekend, it becomes popular and recognizable pretty quickly.

The team of Pampelle Aperitif Polska is getting interesting inquiries from many restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs from all over Poland. During these days, Pampelle team will choose the most exclusive venues as the partners for the exciting journey of introducing Pampelle premium brand in the Polish region.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, Pampelle brand is going to be introduced also in the off-trade spots, such as premium alcohol shops, supermarkets and other retail stores, which will lead to reachable and easy purchase on the B2C market.

Pampelle Spritz
How to drink Pampelle?

Many people declare that Pampelle Aperitif is perfect for night out drinks. The unique sweet-bitter taste is definitely playing refreshing role, while raising the mood in every sip. Pampelle is perfectly served as a “Spritz”, mixed with prosecco and topped up with soda water. The unique modern taste creates a strong and sophisticated alternative to the well-known basic Spritz drink.

In its luxury serving method, Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit Aperitif may be also served with G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Rouge Demi-Sec Ice Xtra champagne. By that, Pampelle Aperitif creates a super-premium and innovative Spritz cocktail that is taking the Aperitif Spritz taste to the top level.

Premium aperitif crafted in France

Pampelle Aperitif is a premium spirit infused with the highest quality citrus peels, sourced from around the world including dried Yuzu, Cedrat and Bigarade. Pampelle Aperitif contains 15% ABV and it is naturally lower in sugar. In fact, Pampelle contains 30% less sugar from common bitter aperitif brands existing in the market.

All of the grapefruits used for the production of Pampelle Aperitif, are handpicked on the idyllic island of Corsica. By anchoring us to the South of France, Star Ruby Red Grapefruits are the very literal star in the Pampelle Aperitif story.

Ripe, deep Red Star Ruby grapefruits from organic cultivation are processed after their harvest in Corsica in a distillery in the town of Cognac on the Charente. They are halved and macerated, a macerate from fresh peels is distilled, part of the grapefruit is pressed and boiled down to a velvety, deep red concentrate – these production steps create the lively, fresh-fruity notes of Pampelle.

To do this, the master distiller crafts an infusion of citrus peels – including yuzu from Japan, Cedrat from France and bitter orange Bigarade from Haiti – and marries individual batches with cinchona bark and natural gentian bitters in a signature eau-de-vie made by fermenting grapes and then distillation in column stills.

Pampelle Aperitif Polska and Crimston team invite everyone with the legal drinking age, to join and enjoy the innovative, sensual taste journey with us, and feel the Mediterranean Summertime, Anytime with Pampelle.