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New Aperitif in Poland – Pampelle Aperitif

Pampelle Aperitif Polska

Imagine the cold of winter, the lovely warmth of summer, the cool fall and the delightful spring. If you see yourself sitting at a bar or restaurant and want to be able to enjoy your favourite summer season anytime, anywhere, you should be thinking about what you and your fellow diners can have to enjoy and let your cocktail take you away to summertime.

No matter where you live, the concept of Summertime, Anytime sounds wonderful. A new aperitif called Pampelle, imported into Poland by Crimston, the exclusive distributor of the amazing ruby red grapefruit flavoured drink, is now available in restaurants and bars throughout the country. If the place where you eat and drink does not carry this aperitif, please ask your restaurants in Poland to order from their alcohol supplier to check with their alcoholic beverages distribution company.

What is Pampelle?

When you and your friends are enjoying time together at any of your favourite restaurants in Poland, spritz cocktails made from this red grapefruit premium aperitif will taste like one of the summer cocktails you enjoy during that season. If it is not available there, please ask the manager to contact his alcoholic beverages distribution company to check about Pampelle.

Pampelle Aperitif
Why ask restaurants about this special aperitif?

An aperitivo is always enjoyed whenever friends gather and want to enjoy some light summer cocktails even if it is not summer. The product of Pampelle has been imported to Poland by Crimston – alcoholic beverages distribution company. While we know that the weather in Poland can be cold and menacing, you can always turn to these new wonderful ruby grapefruit summer cocktails to make it feel like it’s Summertime, Anytime.

A perfect day to enjoy this excellent ruby red grapefruit drink

Ask your favourite bar to check with their alcohol supplier to order a new exciting drink, Pampelle. The origin of this liqueur is on the beautiful island of Corsica south of France. Ruby red grapefruits give it a distinctive colour, and slightly bittersweet flavour. With that also comes the ability to use it in a variety of ways.

The drink is made in a very distinctive and special way of distilling. Grapefruits are cut in half releasing their unusual and powerful flavour. The peels are macerated and distilled in copper equipment. The fruit is pressed and reduced to give the drink its wonderful colour and aroma. The grapefruit peels, always of the highest quality are added to the vats. They come from the best grapefruit growing regions of the world. Finally the alcohol is blended bark quinine from the Cinchona tree. Natural Gentian bitters are added as is a special Eau de Vie made only by this company from grapes fermented and distilled.

All that is left to say is Enjoy!