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How bottle design adds value to a premium brand?

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Have you ever bought something you didn’t really need? Or maybe you’ve never used it in your life just because it was pretty? The famous saying “eat something with your eyes” is not unfounded. In every area of ​​life, what is nice and has an interesting shape attracts our attention and subconsciously builds its value. Premium brand of alcohol gift is a great choice when we want to appreciate and toast our successes, or emphasize a special moment.

Less is More

People judge by the appearance of other people but also objects. It is said that the first impression counts the most and has an impact on how we perceive someone or something further. Let us focus for a moment on the canons of beauty. What is exaggerated and over-colored will often be of less value to us than something with simple and slender shapes in a uniform color. Note that premium alcohols and other premium brand, be it cars or cosmetics, follow the principle of “less is more”. The packaging design is rather poorly developed. Portofino is a perfect example of this, the interesting shape of a cube-shaped bottle, which was modeled on a perfume from the 1960s, and its blue color refers to the shades of the sea.

Colors and their meaning

The colors are of great importance, evoke emotions in us, the very bright ones, such as delicate pink, rather calm us down. While the vivid colors, such as orange or yellow, cheer us up, while the darker ones give a note of elegance, style and seriousness. Jumping Goat focused on two of them with his project. The orange color shows that this is alcohol that is supposed to cheer us up, bring us into a blissful state of play until dawn like a Jumping Goat.

The second version of Jumping Goat is a black bottle that reminds us that it is a alcohol premium brand with an extraordinary taste. Coffee and whiskey, on which its composition is built, are two products that we associate top-down with a premium product. Alcoholic beverages are available from one alcohol distributor in Poland is also possible with delivery. One of such companies is Crimston, an online alcohol wholesaler, which offers customers a quick and easy way to have it at home, even without leaving home.

The influence of the font on the perception of the brand

An elegant font is said to be one that has a lot of squiggles and bumps. However, by continuing to think less is more, we come to such famous brands as Prada and Pampelle. This premium alcohol brand has decidedly focused on simple and legible capital letters. In conjunction with the previous rules on colors and shapes, we have a beautiful translucent hemisphere bottle with a soft turquoise color that goes well with the ruby ​​color of the aperitivo. Pampelle definitely fits into the canons of the premium brand. All listed alcoholic beverages are available from one alcohol distributor in Poland – Crimston.

premium alcohol pack

In addition to the bottle itself, some alcohols, and especially premium alcohols, focus on additional packaging made of various types of materials. A decorative cardboard box or box is a great accessory when we buy alcohol gift. A set with glasses with an alcohol brand logo or other gadgets such as openers or professional elements of bartending equipment. This is a great solution when we buy gift spirits and it is not a lonely bottle, but an interesting set. Pampelle offers such complete sets to create a drink as in a real bar.

Alcoholic beverages are available from one alcohol distributor in Poland. What’s more, it is possible to purchase premium alcohol online, at the Crimston alcohol wholesaler, which offers extraordinary premium alcohols. You can buy not only a bottle, but also an alcohol gift, which will delight many fans of alcohol