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Jumping Goat – coffee liquor from New Zealand available in Poland

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Coffee and alcohol are among the most consumed beverages globally. Coffee liqueur offers a perfect blend of both worlds, giving you a combination of sweetness and energy. One of the best things about coffee liqueur is that you can drink it anytime and buy it from any premium liquor store. While there are numerous coffee liqueurs with different aromas, tastes, and presentations, Jumping Goat is among the most popular ones. You can get the coffee infused vodka or whiskey liqueur, both packed in a 0,7l bottle with 33% ABV.

They are both based on whey vodka from New Zealand. The whiskey version also contains Scotch whiskey from Tomintoul City in Scotland. The vodka coffee liqueur has a hint of chocolate, making it a perfect addition to an espresso martini. They are made of 50 grams of organic and batch-roasted coffee beans. Giving the drinks approximately 55-60 mg of caffeine for every 100 ml of liqueur. Its high ABV and high coffee levels make these drinks perfect for keeping the party going all night with classic cocktails at the club. They are also gluten-free, making them suitable for drinkers with celiac disease.


The Jumping Goat history began many years ago in Ethiopia. When Kaldi, a goat herder, saw his goats eat red berries from a local bush. The berries gave the goats so much energy that lasted later into the night. Kaldi decided to try the berries. After some time, he added something stronger to the berries, making it even more fun.

The drinks are made by mixing the finest organic coffee beans, spices, pure alcohol, and New Zealand spring water. They mix and brew at cold temperatures for a few days, resulting at the end as high-level caffeine product. Its different yet strong taste profiles make it perfect addition to classic cocktails.

Martini Espresso, coffee liquor available in premium liquor store in Poland
Where to get it

As one of the leading coffee-infused alcohol beverages, you can find the whisky or vodka version in any premium liquor store. If you have a bar, restaurant, club, hotel, or premium liquor store and want to add it to your menu, you can get it from Crimston. This is a top-rated alcoholic beverages distributor and alcohol wholesaler in Poland.

Crimston deals with importing, exporting, distributing, and selling different alcoholic products in different quantities for clients in different locations. Therefore, you can get into a cooperation, either as a retailer or alcohol wholesaler in Poland.

How to drink Jumping Goat Liquor

Whether you buy your coffee liqueur in a premium liquor store to drink it at home or getting it from a cocktail bar, there are several ways to enjoy this beverage. One of the best ways is to serve it ice cold in shot glasses. It is also a game changer while preparing classic cocktails, especially espresso martini, that many people reach for.

This makes it a perfect alcoholic beverage not only for parties but also could be a wonderful gift idea on its own or in a gift basket. If you wonder where to buy it online, check Crimston Spirits offer and get yourself a bottle with fast door-to-door delivery!