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Sweet-bitter Grapefruit Spritz with Pampelle Aperitif

Pampelle Spritz

If you plan a dinner party and want your visitors to have a fantastic time, you should have a great ambiance and decorations and prepare tasty food. What’s more, you need to greet your guests with an aperitif to increase their appetites.

What is an Aperitif and its Characteristics?

Aperitif is a Latino word meaning open. It is a drink served before meals to prepare the stomachs for the meal. An aperitivo contains bitter herbs, which trigger the stomach to release digestive juices for the meal ready to be served. Greeting your guests with an aperitif is a show of welcome, but the drink also prepares your guests to savor the food you have cooked. An aperitivo is designed to kickstart your appetite, so they are bitter and dry. In addition, their alcohol content is low, usually under 25% ABV.

Remember, the higher the alcohol content, the more you lose appetite. An aperitif is meant to open up the palate, so it is light, crisp, and has a low alcohol percentage. Some aperitif-recipes are made of vermouth and gin, while others contain distilled spirits. You can find aperitifs in bars in Warsaw, in the best restaurants in Poland, and wholesale alcohol distribution channels.

Introducing the new Pampelle Aperitif

Pampelle is a unique ruby red grapefruit aperitif with low levels of sugar and alcohol that quenches the summer thirst. The drink is among the best summer cocktails allowing you to enjoy your summer without any dreaded hangovers. The brand’s phase Summertime, Anytime signifies that individuals can have Pampelle Aperitif during the hot summers and throughout the year. Pampelle Aperitif is a refreshing drink available in the best restaurants in Poland, bars in Warsaw, and wholesale alcohol distribution stores. The ruby grapefruits found in Pampelle give it a Mediterranean taste ideal for the summer season.

The extreme summer temperatures force people to search for the best thirst-quenching drinks with minimal alcohol. Pampelle Aperitif is produced in the Cognac region and has a distinctive taste with the bitter-sweet flavor of the ruby grapefruit. You can enjoy an aperitivo with a tonic or the Pampelle Spritz. When you open the bottle, the sweet aroma of grapefruits fills the room, making you want to taste other signature serves like the Ruby Rose and the Pampelle Spritz. Since Pampelle is bitter-sweet, it blends perfectly with other bitter and luxury spirits like the Spritz and Negroni. Some of the best summer cocktails from Pampelle, including Pampelle Spritz, Ruby Rose, and Tonic, are made with ingredients like luxury spirits.

Possible distribution channels

Our company engages in various businesses including distribution of alcoholic beverages. We distribute alcohol to some of the best restaurants in Poland, bars in Warsaw, ad wholesale alcohol distribution stores. We handle some of the best summer cocktails like Pampele Spritz and other luxury spirits. Most of our clients are bars in Warsaw, but we want to encourage other channels that serve and sell alcoholic drinks to include Pampelle Aperitif in their menus. The drink is refreshing and is low in alcohol, allowing indulgence without guilt and irresponsible behaviors.

Pampelle Aperitif is a versatile and artisanal drink, having been distilled three ways during production. Its simple, unique flavor, low sugar, and low alcohol make it perfect as a pre-meal drink and a summer drink.