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Jumping Goat – something for coffee fans in the evening

Jumping Goat- coffee liqueur

The combination of coffee and alcohol became common several hundred years ago, but the most popular cocktail, which contains coffee liqueur and is served in almost every cocktail bar, was invented in the 1980s. Of course, we are talking about Espresso Martini. We wanted to present a new alcohol that will be a great basis for creating this classic. Jumping Goat is a unique liqueur based on vodka or whiskey, infused with the highest quality organic coffee. This coffee liqueur is high in caffeine and ABV, which is definitely a big advantage. Coffee lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the intense flavour and aroma. Additionally, it is gluten-free so it is suitable for people with celiac disease.

Good start of the night

The best cocktail bars in Warsaw experience huge interest during the weekends. Visiting a nice cocktail bar with a group of friends or as a couple is usually the beginning of a successful evening. While bars always want to make sure that guests are fully satisfied with the service and the quality of the order,  they need to remember that customers these days might have high expectations, so the range of alcoholic beverages must be really wide. Customers are also reaching for premium alcohol regardless of the price, rather being tempted by its quality. Jumping Goat coffee liqueur will be a great solution for coffee fans in the evening. You can drink it sauté or else prepare a delicious Espresso Martini or Black Russian. This dose of caffeine will keep you awake for the rest of the night. This coffee liqueur is classified as premium alcohol without hesitation.

Espresso Martini at its best

The combination of coffee and alcohol is not obvious to everyone. However, such a classic as Espresso Martini has its fans all over the world. In Poland, the best cocktail bars in Warsaw know not one, but several combinations of this classic. It is usually composed of freshly brewed espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur. However, you can replace the last two ingredients with one. Jumping Goat is a coffee liqueur that definitely stands out among others. We can distinguish it by the high caffeine level, flavour intensity, high ABV and the preparation of a cocktail is very simple. All you need is a freshly brewed espresso and 60ml of Jumping Goat liqueur. Additionally, it can be composed in two variants. By using vodka-based liqueur you will get the best aromas of coffee. If you like slightly smoky and chocolate notes, then the whiskey-based liqueur is for you.

Tempting caffeine kick

Jumping Goat is a coffee liqueur characterised by the distinct taste of organic, batch roasted coffee beans, a source of a large dose of caffeine. This results in around 55-60mg of caffeine per 100 ml of liqueur. No wonder, since 50g of the best quality beans were used to produce one bottle. If you’d compare it with popular energy drinks, they have only half of it. Jumping Goat is an excellent alternative to them. In addition to the amount of caffeine, it also has a high alcohol volume. Moreover, it has two flavour variants – based on vodka or whiskey.

The best cocktail bars in Warsaw would not be ashamed to serve their guests such a wonderful liqueur. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, we can tell you where to find it. Level 27 – an event space combined with a cocktail bar located on the 27th floor in the heart of Warsaw.

Our idea of ​​a perfect evening is a beautiful view, a great atmosphere and an excellent Espresso Martini as a guarantee of a long and playful evening. Don’t trust the words only though, it is better to try it yourself!