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How to impress your guests at a house party?

alcohol for house party

Best alcohol for house party is a question you need to ask yourself if you are planning on hosting a party in the near future. Best alcohol for house parties includes many types of drinks. Alcohol like wine, vodka and rum are often the best alcohol for house parties. You can be mixed with many different fruits and juices. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from. However, if you want flavors that don’t mix too well with other beverages such as beer or strong liquors, then you should try sweet liquor like Amaretto or coffee infused vodka liqueur- Jumping Goat. Sweet liquors are bound to mix well with the natural flavors.


The best drink with alcohol for house party are iced drinks. One of the most popular refreshing cocktails is the spritzer, in which the base is usually an aperitif mixed with prosecco and sparkling water. Premium aperitifs are very special in taste and typically contain up to 20 different fruits. The premium aperitif doesn’t have much alcohol in them. The pleasure of tasting these unique fresh fruit flavors is worth the price tag. One of them is the French Pampelle. Grapefruit aperitif is what best composes with ice and something sparkling like tonic or prosecco. Pampelle is made with highest quality ingredients i.e. ‘Ruby Grapefruits’, you can feel its freshness from the very beginning.


You probably played board alcohol games at the house party more than once like in American movies. For adults, there is often a round of drinking games at the start of the party. Very popular like Shot Roulette, Fuzzy Duck, International Drinking Rules, beer pong, Never Have I Ever… and more. These games are all about ice breaking. People who have not met yet have the opportunity to drink and talk together. However, not everyone has the same taste, so it is worth taking care of the variety of alcohols, so that everyone would like to play with us. We have a few ideas, Pampelle will be perfect for people who are not much of a drinker. For fans of botanical and stronger alcohol, we suggest Portofino Dry Gin.


Mini bar built on a kitchen counter can be great fun with alcohol for house party. You do not need to have bartending equipment to create the best quality cocktails. It is even better when your guests can play mixologists themselves. All you need to do is prepare: ice, glass and some interesting additives. Like in any bar, you need something sweet and sour. Sugar syrup is very easy to make yourself at home. Dissolve sugar in water, lemon juice can be used as the sour part. You can replace the shaker with a regular jar. In the end you will need different types of alcohol. It’s nice if the minibar will be equipped with basic alcoholic beverages such as vodka, tequila rum or gin.

You can order all these spirits with home delivery by Crimston. The real must-have of your party will be definitely a delicate, sweet-bitter and grapefruit Pampelle Aperitif, perfect for ladies. For the more demanding guests who love Espresso Martini, it will be very easy to prepare it with Jumping Goat coffee liqueur. For those who prefer less sweet and stronger alcohols, Portofino Dry Gin will be suitable.