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Each Country Drinks Different Aperitif

Pampelle aperitif drink

Aperitifs (from French “to open up”) are alcoholic drinks consumed before a meal to invigorate your appetite and stimulate your digestive system. Some of these might be worth trying if you’re not in the mood for a full-scale drink before dinner. Here are some of the most popular aperitif drinking cultures in the world.

France: the capital city of aperitif

The popular aperitif of choice in French is Aperitif Spritz. It’s a fizzy, vibrant blend of sparkling wine and aperitif (orange or grapefruit bitter), which means the drink pairs well with seafood and citrus flavors. It can also mix other drinks, like cocktails or mocktails. This is the French alcohol drinking culture.

Pros of Pampelle Aperitif

  1. It’s pretty easy to make and therefore is a popular aperitif.
  2. Pampelle Aperitif has a lot of herbal and citrus notes and therefore is a popular aperitif.
  3. Pampelle Aperitif is not very sweet, so it pairs nicely with all food and flavors which makes it a popular aperitif .
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Australia: Mint Julep

A julep is an alcoholic beverage based on a traditional Southern US cocktail. Typically consists of solid spirits, sugar syrup, mint leaves, and quarter-sized crushed ice made from shaved ice. Usually erved in a tall glass. This is the alcohol drinking culture.

Pros of Mint Julep

  1. The mint leaves add a bit of visual appeal to the classic cocktail, which makes it more interesting to look at.
  2. It also adds a subtle hint of mint flavor to the drink, which refreshes your palate before you take each sip.
  3. The crushed ice is an excellent way to cool off quickly on a hot day!
  4. If you’re serving many guests, this recipe makes enough juleps for everyone!
  5. Many people consider it soothing to the palate as well.
  6. You can make your Mint Julep in advance and store it in the fridge.
  7. It’s considered more of an adult beverage, so you might not want to serve it to children (or teens!).
  8. If you’re a fan of 2 Gingers, a julep is an excellent drink with which to pair the ginger beer!
  9. It’s the perfect classic cocktail for a hot day or outdoor activity when paired with ginger beer or other citrus drinks!
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popular aperitif Pampelle Aperitif
Argentina: Martini Joven

The Martini Joven is the same as an American Martini. Except it’s put into a straw cup and garnished with a slice of orange and cherry. You might need to eat something beforehand as the alcohol can cause dehydration. Famous Argentines who enjoy this aperitif include soccer player Lionel Messi, model Adriana Karembeu and actress Sofía Vergara.

Pros of Martini Joven

  1. This is a short prepared classic cocktails, making it an excellent aperitif for parties.
  2. A straw cup isn’t too hard to find in many places, making it easy to serve at parties and small events.
  3. Most people consider this an adult beverage, so you can serve it up solo or engage your guests in conversation over it!
  4. It’s refreshing with the citrus fruit flavors of the orange wedge and the mint leaf garnish!
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Italy: Grappa

The popular aperitif of choice before meals in Italy is strong Grappa. It’s a strong distillate of fermented grape marc and pips, wastes from the winemaking process. 

Pros of Grappa 

  1. High alcohol content 
  2. Characteristic taste, high tannin content and intense aroma.
  3. Its distinctive taste makes it taste best when drunk alone.
  4. It excellently stimulates the stomach before a meal.

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