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All about Portofino

Portofino dry gin bottle, online liquor store

Dry Gin from the Portofino brand is a gem in the world of alcohol. This is evidenced by the numerous awards won by the brand over the last 2 years. This top-class Italian gin is made only from genuinely natural ingredients that are self-grown. You can have it with you thanks to the online liquor store Crimston.

How is Portofino Dry Gin made?

Exclusive Portofino alcohols are distilled in the Antique Italian Distillery. It’s located off the beaten track, among the beautiful landscape of sunny Italy. Each batch is produced using a combination of traditional methods and state-of-the-art distillation techniques. So that any connoisseur trying Portofino Dry Gin can tell it is real Italian gin.

Portofino – composition and method of production

The gin contains a total of 21 ingredients of fully natural origin. This Italian gin is made of, among others, Juniper, lemons, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, sage, irises and roses. All these ingredients are grown in a botanical sanctuary on top of a nearby hill. The remaining elements of the gin are hand-picked from nearby Italy to give it an incomparable, mediterranean aroma. This unique taste of our Italian gin was achieved despite as much as 43% vol. Alcohol, which makes it a strong alcohol for a gin.

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The origin of gin – a story that will go down in history.

Portofino brand history begins during the turbulent World War II, when the hero of the local population, Klaus Pudel, saved his hometown from certain destruction. The 1950s and 1960s were full of parties under his patronage that built Italian culture. Portofino the exclusive alcohols are a tribute to the unique serenity of Klaus Pudel. It was this sensual energy that inspired the creation of the Portofino brand and the alcohol derived from its distillery.

Exclusive alcohol from Portofino

Customers not only from Italy, but recently also from all over the world, enjoy the mediterranean taste straight from the Italian Riviera. What makes this truly Italian gin appreciated by connoisseurs from Australia, Asia, North America and most of Europe? Is primarily the mediterranean character, unique flavor and natural composition of the gin. The unusual origin of gin makes it highly appreciated by both gin fans and bartenders who use it to prepare the most numerous drinks and cocktails. Thanks to the commencement of distribution by our online liquor store. Now possible to taste this unique gin also in Poland. Each bottle of this Italian gin is, in a way, a work of art, strongly eye-catching. The painting on the bottle is inspired by the works of the British artist – Jemma Powell. The bottle, shaped like a perfume from the 1930s, represents the iconic port of Portofino.

How do I get Portofino Dry Gin?

Crimston online liquor store allows you to purchase from both wholesalers and retailers. All those looking for a breath of fresh air in true premium style now have the option of introducing Portofino Dry Gin to their range. Both the taste and origin of gin are a guarantee of high quality and class tailored to every connoisseur. The Crimston online alcohol store also enables distribution throughout Poland.