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Alcohol for wedding – which one should I choose?

Alcohol for wedding, bride talks to father

Planning the perfect wedding is a challenging task that requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail, and properly selected alcohol for wedding plays a key role in creating an unforgettable atmosphere for that special day. Crimston, a company that imports and distributes premium alcohol, perfectly understands the needs of the bride and groom, and the requirements of wedding planners. We offer not only exclusive spirits, but also wedding attractions that can make the wedding day even more special and memorable.

Rich assortment of premium alcohol

Crimston distinguishes itself in the market with its extensive range of premium alcohol. The company’s offerings include a wide selection of select cognacs, such as Château de Montifaud, sophisticated Lamborghini brand wines, and unique liqueurs, including New Zealand’s coffee liqueur Jumping Goat. Working directly with a number of prestigious liquor brands, Crimston provides products that not only enhance the wedding with extraordinary flavors, but also emphasize its prestigious nature. Among the brands on offer are French aperitif Pampelle as well as Italian gin Portofino, which are sure to enhance the wedding bar.

Wholesale alcohol purchase – savings without loss of quality

We realize that organizing a wedding often involves large orders of alcohol. In response to these needs, we offer the possibility to wholesale alcohol purchase, which allows significant savings while maintaining the highest quality products. This is an ideal solution for brides and grooms who want to offer exclusive liquors to their guests, while controlling the wedding budget. Personalizing the selection of spirits allows you to create a menu tailored to individual preferences and the nature of the reception.

Professional bartending services

In addition to liquor distribution, Crimston also offers top quality bartender for the wedding. Professional bartender for the wedding is able to prepare cocktails that not only delight with taste, but also impress the eyes, creating an unforgettable atmosphere at the reception. In response to the growing interest in healthier and non-alcoholic options, Crimston has also expanded its offerings to include high-quality non-alcoholic drinks, such as the L’Ambrogio Milano aperitif, ideal for guests who prefer non-alcoholic alternatives. Personalization of the cocktail menu, including soft drink-based cocktails, is another option for brides and grooms to add a personalized touch to their wedding.

Unique wedding attractions – drink bar for the wedding for your guests

Crimston takes the concept of wedding attractions to the next level by offering a drink bar for weddings such as the Pampelle chillout zone and Portofino bar. These mobile spaces are designed to provide guests with a unique place to relax and enjoy exceptional drinks in stylish surroundings. Regardless of the venue, a drink bar for the wedding from Crimston adds not only charm and sophistication to any event, but also serves as an impressive decorative element. Thanks to their mobility and flexibility, these bars easily adapt to any location and style of wedding, providing an unforgettable experience and making the celebration stand out from the rest.

Comprehensive service and support

By working with Crimston, the bride and groom gain access to unique and prestigious alcohol for wedding, competitive pricing, and also experience and networking in the catering industry. We can assist in finding the right bartender for the wedding and in organizing additional wedding attractions, such as individual brand zones, which is another advantage Crimston can offer when planning a wedding. This allows the bride and groom to focus on celebrating their special day, confident that all the details of the alcohol and bartending services are in the best hands.

We perfectly understand how important it is to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere during a wedding. The gastronomic part of the entire event is a key point and is largely responsible for the satisfaction of the wedding guests. With a wide range of alcohol for wedding, professional bartender, and unique wedding attractions, Crimston is the perfect choice for that couple who wants their wedding day to be not only elegant, but also unique. Buying alcohol wholesale will also allow you to save money without discounting the quality of the products.