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Spritz drink – all you need to know about Aperitif

Pampelle Spritz drink with snacks

Served at the beginning of the party – before the starter or with it – the aperitif was invented to relax guests on many different levels. A light, tasty, alcoholic drink relieves stress, reduces tension and encourages conversation, also with unknown companions. It stimulates the appetite and prepares the taste buds for the delicious dishes.

Aperol Spritz, the famous drink on the menu, is an aperitif.

Aperol is a characteristic orange drink that is an Italian aperitif. It is distinguished by a slightly bitter taste. Its flavor is dominated by bitter orange and herbs. The specific taste of Aperol means that it is most often consumed as an ingredient of refreshing cocktails, the most famous of which is Aperol Spritz drink.

Since 1919, the recipe for making Aperol has not changed. The exact composition is unknown but the key ingredients are bitter orange, rhubarb, cinchona or herbal extract. For over 100 years, drinkers all over the world have enjoyed the bitter-sweet taste of Aperol. Aperol spritz is an ideal drink for any time of the day because of its low alcohol content (11% ABV).

The History of Aperol

The creation of Aperol dates back to 1919, but it was not that simple. It was invented by the brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri and it took them 7 years to develop the drink. After World War I, Aperol was gaining popularity, especially among young adults leading an active social life. In the 1950s, the popular drink Aperol Spritz was created. It was also the period when the first TV commercial for Aperol was released. The 80s and 90s were a period of creative development of the drink, Aperol becomes cosmopolitan and gains importance on the international scene.

The Spritz revolution takes place between 2000 and 2008, when Gruppo Campari takes over the Aperol brand. A strong advertising campaign for Aperol Spritz begins, Aperol itself begins to be associated with fashion, art and lifestyle, and is known to the whole world. In the years 2009-2011, the brand launches Aperol Spritz in small bottles, mixed and ready for consumption.

Aperol Spritz

How to make your own Aperol Spritz? It’s pretty easy. Mix Aperol with Prosecco and soda in a 3:2:1 ratio. Pour your cocktail in a wine glass which contains ice. Garnish with a slice of orange. Cin cin!

Alternatives for Aperol – Pampelle Aperitif

Today, there are many options on the market to replace Aperol with other alcohol. Searching for this favorite can lead to discovering many new flavors that you might not expect. If you love grapefruit cocktails, you will find Pampelle fabulous. It is a French, for many people better, version of Aperol. Both of them make a refreshing Spritz. Pampelle is made in south-western France from handpicked Corsican grapefruit and infused with botanical distillates.

Pampelle Spritz drink
How you can make Pampelle Spritz drink?

You will need 2 parts of Pampelle Aperitif, 3 parts of Prosecco and one part of soda water.
Pour the measured ingredients into a large wine glass with plenty of ice and slightly stir. Garnish with grapefruit. Voilà!

Esprit De Figues

Esprit De Figues is a fresh fig liqueur. It is created, crafted, and bottled in Burgundy, France and it’s perfect for cocktails during divine evenings.

The juicy Violette de Bordeaux Figs are handpicked and infused for three months for a delicious taste. There’s a balance which lifts the earthy notes of the fruit, connecting with vibrant and fresh figs, berries and even some vanilla. The distillers use the finest techniques to create this French luxury Liqueur. The unique Espirit de Figues is craved all over the world.

Cocktails made with it have distinctive essence. Esprit de Figues offers many options which will satisfy the most demanding people: Espirit de Fizz, Fig Sangria, Fig Honey Sour, Fig Sidecar, Esprit & Soda, Figtini, Fig Pisco Sour and Espritz.

Figue Spritz drink and snacks
How to make Espritz drink?

The ingredients you need are: 45 ml of Esprit De Figues, 30 ml of soda water and 60 ml of sparkling wine/prosecco/champagne. Pour all ingredients into a full of ice wine glass. Stir and use a fresh fig slice to garnish.

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