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Great summer cocktails

Summer cocktails

Nothing beats a fruity, herbal, cold beverage in the summer! Summer cocktails include juicy melons and peaches, mint and basil, and many other delicious ingredients. Summer drinks help you chill out and feel the atmosphere of vacation. Vacay cocktails in 2022 are more awaited than before. This year we can finally go to places we want and try every taste we’ve been missing or always wanted to try. Drinking an excellent cocktail in a beautiful place while the sun goes down will leave you with beautiful summer memories. Great place to collect memories is level 27 rooftop where many drinks and opportunities are available. If you want to have “Netflix and chill” with great liquor, Crimston wholesaler is waiting then with its wide assortment.

We are here to help you discover new flavors and remind you of delicious classic drinks.

Pampelle – endless possibilities

Pampelle is a red grapefruit liqueur that was found in France. It is a premium brand which can take you to another level – like level 27 rooftop where you can try it in Warsaw.

Great bartenders will show you the best summer cocktails that can be made from this unusual aperitif – Pampelle Spritz, Pampelle Tonic, Pampelle Negroni or maybe you have a different idea? You can use your imagination and create new compositions. If you want to keep its flavor for longer than vacation lasts, there is no problem because you can taste it Summertime, Anytime with Pampelle.

Daiquiri – summer twist on classic drink

This tropical daiquiri will take you to a sunny beach where summer doesn’t end. You can buy ready-made, bottled daiquiris, but it’s better not to do that – bottled drinks aren’t the best. Moreover, to make a daiquiri, you will need only three ingredients: rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. Play with the proportions of the ingredients and find one that suits you. Then add ice and your favorite fruit like banana, strawberries, mango, passion fruit. Blend it and enjoy.

Piña colada – classic but never boring

Piña colada is the essence of a summer cocktail. It includes pineapple, lime, coconut and rum. Preparation is quick and easy with just few ingredients. Piña colada means “strained pineapple” in Spanish. In 1954, Ramón “Monchito” Marrero of San Juan produced the first cocktail. It instantly gained popularity and became Puerto Rico’s national drink in 1978.
The greatest piña is prepared with aged rum – you can dinf it in the offer from the best distributors in Poland like Crimston alcohol wholesaler.

Aperitif – tasty beginning

An aperitif is a Mediterranean type of afternoon or evening meeting after work. It is accompanied by snacks and low-alcohol cocktails, but the overriding idea is to spend time with friends and chat together, while sipping a glass of good drink. If you want to try something new there are two amazing drinks that would be perfect for these occasions – Pampelle Aperitif, which was mentioned earlier, and Esprit de Figues. The second one is liqueur made of fresh, hand-picked figs in Bordeaux. Just by adding a tonic or soda to it you can create the best aperitif you have ever tried. It’s a recipe for the best summer cocktails!

Margarita – dry player

Margarita is a summer cocktail made with Cointreau and lime juice. Brush the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with lime juice and then salt it. Mix tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and ice and shake it. When frost appears on the shaker, it is sign that the drink is properly chilled. Pour it into the glass and enjoy the moment.

Alcohol is the best gift idea

For fans of stronger alcohol, Portofino gin can be a great gift. Its smooth structure will blend in perfectly with many cocktails. However, it tastes best on ice with citrus zest and some rosemary. Although Portofino has a high alcohol content, it does not dominate the taste. The next item is Jumping Goat coffee liqueur based on vodka or whisky. Extremely stimulating due to its high caffeine content, almost twice as high as in energy drinks. Perfect as a gift for coffee fans.

When discussing the topic of alcohol as a gift, we want to draw your attention to an absolute novelty on the market – Pampelle Aperitif. So what is this alcohol and why do we recommend it so much?

Pampelle Aperitif is made from Ruby Star red grapefruits maturing in the Corsican sun. This product definitely belongs to the group of premium alcohols. Gourmets from all over the world are delighted with taste of this drink. Pampelle was introduced to the Polish market in January 2022 and it is a novelty on the market of exclusive alcoholic beverages. Pampelle has a very low sugar content and has a distinct hint of bitterness. The product is completely gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Thanks to this, the Polish market has enriched itself with an unusual, slightly refreshing drink that brings to mind a carefree atmosphere.

Virgin Mohito – for the sober minded

Who needs alcohol for a tasty summer drink? Make an alcohol-free mojito using lime, mint, apple juice, and sparkling water. All the Cuban taste and no hangover!