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Portofino vs London Dry Classic Gin

Portofino Classic Gin, luxury spirits

The online alcohol sales market is full of many significantly different types of beverages. Thanks to such far-reaching digitization, exclusive alcohol are generally available and selling alcohol online has never been so easy for all gourmets that before the Internet era could not even hear. Indeed, the drink produced with the use of common juniper has been part of the canon of exclusive alcohol for many years. However, not everyone is familiar with the Portofino premium gin, which has been winning the hearts of consumers all over the world for years. What is Portofino, can you drink this like classic gin and tonic? Is it combined with gin, and how does it compare with other types of alcohol? You will learn the answers to all these questions after reading the text.

How to make the classic gin?

Classic gin is, in short, a type of vodka made with rectified spirit, which, in order to obtain a characteristic aroma, is aged with oils distilled from juniper berries. The first mentions of the drink appear already in an encyclopedia published in the Netherlands in the XIII century. Some estimate that it was built within the Benedictine monasteries as early as the XI century! In the modern era, it quickly gained popularity among the Anglo-Saxons due to the ease of mixing the drink with any beverages. The popular gin and tonic is recorded in the minds of people who do not even consume alcohol. Popular gin was drunk by James Bond himself, so he became the calling card of England. This alcohol for a gift, will make them feel like him.

Portofino Classic Gin, cocktail
Portofino cocktail
Portofino – the characteristics of an exclusive alcohol

Portofino premium gin is becoming more and more popular on the Polish market, originating and produced entirely in Italy. It contains 43% alcohol and is produced according to strictly defined rules. It can be distinguished by its organic composition, in which we will not find sugar or other harmful and artificial flavors. The name of the drink comes from the Italian town of the same name. Interestingly, it was illustrated on a bottle of the drink. Alcohol producers attach great importance to the roots and traditions of alcohol production, which is why they decided to put it on the label.

Portofino vs classic London Dry

Producers of other spirits could learn a lot from the effort that goes into producing this drink. Most popular gin brands use substitutes, flavor enhancers, or other consumer cheating. Portofino uses natural extracts and aromas from private herb cultivation. It is the quality of distilling the drink that is its greatest advantage, but also the greatest difference to other beverages. That’s why we can call it premium gin. Classic London Dry gin, contains no ingredients except water, alcohol and a minimum amount of sugar. We can usually feel only a delicate juniper and a large amount of alcohol in it. Compared to the rich aromas and flavors of Portofino, ethanol is not so noticeable despite its high 43% content. It will be the best alcohol for a gift for connoisseurs.

In addition to the reasonable price, the highest quality taste and aroma are guaranteed, which is rare on the market today. The popular gin and tonic tastes completely different if the alcoholic drink itself goes perfectly with it. The feeling of breaking down the effect of ethanol is greater, which allows you to enjoy your drink more. Portofino is therefore intended for people who put taste in the foreground and have many creative ideas about what to combine premium gin with.

Portofino in Polish market

Establishing cooperation with the brand is not difficult, and it can generate significant profits for gastronomic establishments and wholesalers. Due to the rapidly growing market of higher-quality alcohol, there is also a tendency in Poland to reach for premium alcohol more and more often. When making the decision to change the card for the upcoming season, it is worth bearing in mind that guests sipping gin and tonic in our bars or hotels could get the best possible experience. For this purpose, it is worth contacting the Crimston company, which imports this alcohol. Beginner gourmets’ problems such as “what to combine gin with” do not seem so important anymore when the alcohol we use tastes good on its own. This alcohol for a gift is a great idea.