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Mobile bar for the wedding – surprise your guests with premium alcohol!

Portable bar for the wedding, bride and groom greeted by guests

The drinks on the wedding table are undergoing an evolution. In an era when individuality and uniqueness are at the forefront of every celebration, brides and grooms are increasingly looking for unique and innovative solutions instead of classic vodka and standard wines. Alcohol for the wedding ceases to be just any liquor, whose only task is to introduce a large amount of percentages into the bodies of guests. Responding to these trends, the wedding market is adapting, introducing a wide range of craft spirits, local specialties and experimental cocktails. Among other things, we offer unique premium spirits, and a mobile bar for the wedding with which to surprise your guests!

A note of freshness in wedding drinks

Alcohol for the wedding doesn’t stop at liquors drunk sauté. In the modern world of weddings, where uniqueness and personalization play a key role, cocktails using French Pampelle, Italian Portofino Dry Gin or, for example, alcohol-free Ambroeus are becoming increasingly popular. They bring a breath of fresh air to the world of standard and routine drinks. Pampelle is used to create refreshing and summery drinks, while Portofino Dry Gin, with its complex flavor, inspires the creation of deep and rich taste sensations. If some of your guests don’t drink alcohol or the entire wedding is percentage-free, you can greet your guests with a non-alcoholic Ambroeus-based cocktail or Lamborghini Sparkling Rosé 0% sparkling wine. In their presence, triviality gives way to originality, and each sip becomes a journey through uncharted flavor areas, adding a unique character and elegance to this celebratory moment.

Who will prepare such drinks?

While modern cocktails enrich the wedding atmosphere, the question arises: who will undertake their preparation? It is clear that the bride and groom, being the center of the special day, will not be able to spend time behind the cocktail bar. The venue’s wait staff often does not have enough skills or experience to meet the challenge of preparing such specialized cocktails, unlike the bartender service.

For this reason, we are able to provide professional bartending service and the necessary bartending equipment. Experienced bartending staff is well versed in working with the aforementioned cocktails and can easily make even the most complex and sophisticated drinks. His presence will not only ensure that cocktails are served smoothly and professionally, but also adds an element of spectacle and elegance that is inherent in modern wedding celebrations. With Crimston, the bride and groom can rest assured that a professional bartending service, or simply an experienced bartender, will prepare all drinks with the utmost care, which will be an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Wine for the wedding – the choice is not obvious

The right wine for the wedding is a key element that sets the tone for the entire reception. Crimston presents an exceptional range of wines ensuring that every choice finds its way to the wedding table. Our assortment includes exclusive wines from the Lamborghini brand, which impress with their refined palette of flavors and elegance. Sparkling wines of this brand will be perfect for celebrating special moments, while red, white, or rose wines will be the perfect accompaniment to appetizing dishes and shared fun. For those who appreciate the Spanish wine tradition, we recommend Tamaral wines, known for their depth and richness of aromas. Also, Portuguese wines from our range are an excellent choice for those who want to bring a touch of Mediterranean freshness and lightness to their wedding. Each of these wines has been carefully selected to provide an unforgettable experience and add extra sparkle to the wedding table.

Wholesale alcohol purchase – big savings

One of the key advantages of working with Crimston is the ability to wholesale alcohol purchase, which is particularly attractive to wedding organizers. This option not only gives you the opportunity to equip yourself with alcohol for the wedding selected from a wide range of products, but also translates into significant financial savings. Wholesale alcohol purchase allows to reduce the unit cost of each bottle, which is an important aspect when planning a wedding budget. The bride and groom and organizers can benefit from competitive prices, while maintaining a high standard of liquor served. Buying alcohol in bulk, in addition to the obvious savings, also makes the whole endeavor logistically easier. Packed and secured bottles in large boxes are easier to transport, count, or generally dispose of. Crimston not only offers cost-effective solutions, but also guarantees that each alcohol will be perfectly matched to the style and atmosphere of the celebration.

Surprise your guests, we offer a mobile bar for the wedding!

Introducing a portable bar for the wedding that combines high quality spirits and professional bartending service, Crimston brings freshness to your event. Our mobile solutions, like the Pampelle chill zone and Portofino bar, are more than just bars – they are comprehensive services that enhance any celebration.

The Pampelle chill zone allows guests to relax and enjoy refreshing cocktails from Pampelle wherever they choose. It’s the perfect place for a short break from the wedding party, guaranteeing a calm and elegant atmosphere.

On the other hand, our Portofino bar is a true paradise for lovers of Italian gin. This mobile, stylishly designed mobile bar for the wedding serves exclusive Portofino-based cocktails, adding a unique touch to any wedding.

Both attractions are perfect for wedding parties, satisfying guests not only with unique taste and style, but also creating an unforgettable atmosphere. With Crimston, every wedding becomes even more unusual and unique, bringing an exclusive experience that goes beyond standard wedding receptions. A mobile bar for the wedding is an attraction that will repay the satisfaction of your guests.

Get a personalized offer!

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that reflects your individuality and unique style, Crimston can help you make that dream a reality. We not only offer a wide range of exclusive spirits and innovative cocktails, but also professional bartending service and unique attractions. Thanks to our ability to purchase alcohol in bulk, we can provide attractive prices, while guaranteeing the highest quality of drinks served. Together we will create a celebration that will remain long in the memory of you and your guests.