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Gift sets from Portofino Dry Gin

tall glasses classic gift set Portofino Dry Gin gift for Christmas

Christmas is a special time when everything surrounds us with a special aura – from the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree to the carefully selected gifts. This year, our Portofino Dry Gin Christmas offer takes that magic to a new level. We’ve prepared exclusive gift sets that combine the refined taste of our gin with unique design elements. Each set from our Christmas collection is not only a guarantee of the highest quality liquor, but also a unique aesthetic experience that will delight any recipient.

Italian elegance in a bottle: Discover the Gift Box Martini Edition from Portofino

When you’re looking for a combination of elegance and refined taste, look out for the special edition Portofino Dry Gin in Martini Edition box. This set is the first of our gift sets and combines Italian style and quality, which is evident in both the bottle and its elegant, limited-edition box. The carefully selected botanicals used for distillation and the attention to detail of the packaging attest to the quality of the product. Gift Box Martini Edition is a practical choice for gin connoisseurs, as well as for those who want to gift something more than a simple alcohol. It is an excellent choice for special occasions, combining tradition with a modern touch.

View of Portofino: Panorama Bundle for lovers of miniatures

With the Panorama Bundle, the joy of discovering Portofino gin takes on a whole new dimension. This is a unique offer for those who appreciate elegance in miniature. The set includes three 100 ml bottles, each full of the refined taste and character of Portofino Dry Gin. Set side by side, they create a picturesque panorama of the famous Italian town, bringing its charm directly to the home shelf. This is the perfect choice for those who want to gift more than just a bottle of alcohol – the Panorama Bundle is an invitation to take a visual and taste journey through the secluded backstreets of Portofino, where every corner hides its unique history. This is the perfect gift for gin lovers who appreciate not only the taste, but also the unique design and the opportunity to discover new experiences.

A full panorama of flavors

We invite you to discover the full experience offered by the Panorama Gift Box. This exclusive set, consisting of three 500 ml bottles, is a true journey through the various aspects of the taste of our unique gin. Each bottle, carefully selected and placed in an elegant gift box, forms together with the others a full panorama of Portofino, reflecting the beauty and richness of the Italian coast. The Panorama Gift Box is not only an opportunity to enjoy a refined liquor, but also a chance to admire exceptional art, where each bottle is part of a larger story. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to gift their loved ones not only an exceptional liquor, but also a unique experience that combines taste, tradition, and the beauty of the Italian landscape. This set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of Portofino in every sip.

Classic gift set

The Classic Gift Box Set from Portofino Dry Gin is a tribute to classic values and unchanging taste. Featuring a 500 ml bottle of our exquisite gin along with two tall, elegant glasses, this set is the perfect gift for those who appreciate tradition and quality. The glasses, designed specifically for gin tasting, allow you to fully appreciate the rich bouquet of aromas and subtleties of flavor that make Portofino Dry Gin unique. This is more than a gift – it’s an invitation to spend time in good company, savoring every sip. Classic Gift Box is the perfect choice for gin lovers who are looking for an authentic experience and want to enjoy moments of relaxation in classic style. This set will not only enrich the collection of any connoisseur, but also provide unforgettable moments, witnessing many toasts and shared conversations.

Modernity meets tradition: Mario Luca Giusti Gift Box

The Mario Luca Giusti Gift Box Set from Portofino Dry Gin is a perfect example of where modern design meets classic tradition. Featuring a 500 ml bottle of our fine gin and two carefully designed low glasses, this unique set is a marriage of modernity and classic style. The glasses, the work of renowned designer Mario Luca Giusti, are not only functional, but also a real decorative element, adding elegance to any celebration. The Mario Luca Giusti Gift Box is the perfect choice for those looking for a gift that will surprise and delight any gin lover. Not only does it provide an unparalleled taste experience, but it also adds a unique touch to any home, being a symbol of elegance and good taste. It is the perfect gift for those who appreciate the combination of classics with modern touches.

To sum up our Christmas offer, we would like to emphasize that each Portofino Dry Gin set is a gift that will be remembered for years to come. Our gift sets are the perfect way to share the joy of Christmas. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a gin connoisseur or simply want to add a touch of luxury to the holiday table, Portofino Dry Gin has something special for everyone. All our gift sets are available online, so feel free to take advantage of this unique opportunity to give your loved ones an unforgettable Christmas. We wish you a joyous and memorable Christmas!