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Christmas Market at the Palace of Culture and Science 2023

Christmas market with exhibition of Portofino Dry Gin, and Pampelle French Aperitif brands

In 2-3 of December 2023, Crimston Spirits, a leading alcohol distributor in Poland will attend the official Christmas market in Warsaw and will present a big verity of unique premium spirits packages that will fit the gifts giving tradition in this special period of the year.

At the market, among other attractions, the visitors can expect Christmas atmosphere, lots of gift inspirations, mulled wine, interesting food, free Christmas workshops for children.

Crimston Spirits stand will present premium and luxurious packages, that were prepared especially for such magical occasion, the Christmas time.

Take your neighbours, family and friends with you – there will be an opportunity to follow along, share sincere wishes and, above all, do some Christmas shopping and gifts for your loved ones.

On Crimston Spirits stand, the visitors could find sophisticated and unique premium alcohol gifts packages, including a verity of branded accessories with limited edition possibility to purchase such glasses, bottle stoppers, wines bottle openers, ice buckets and wine coolers, and much more. The premium brands that will be presented by Crimston Spirits among others are:

  • Portofino Italian gin
  • Pampelle French aperitif
  • Chateau de Montifaud French Cognac
  • Pierre Vallet French Cognac
  • Casa Don Ramon – luxuries Mexican original Tequila and Mezcal
  • Lamborghini wines – Directly from the luxurious Lamborghini Italian brand winery
  • Tamaral wines – quality premium Spanish winery
  • Jumping Goat coffee liquor – A unique coffee spirit from New Zeeland
  • Wódka premium Louers

If you don’t manage to visit the Crimston zone during the Christmas Market at the Palace of Culture and Science, you can always write us an email and we will deliver the selected products straight to your door! Contact for orders:kalina.s@crimston.pl