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Spirits of January 2024 – honorable mention for Crimston Spirits

spirits of january 2024 - cognac pierre vallet xxo

As we start the new year with a bump, we are pleased to share with you exciting news that not only strengthens our position in the premium spirits market, but is also a testament to the passion and commitment with which we approach the selection of our products. We are proud to announce that two of our flagship spirits, Casa Don Ramon Mezcal Salmiana Joven and Pierre Vallet XXO cognac, have been recognized by the prestigious Spirits portal as Spirits of January 2024! This not only confirms their exceptional quality and uniqueness, but also proves that our careful work in the selection and distribution of premium spirits is appreciated and bears fruit.

Mezcal Don Ramon Salmiana with 91/100 score

Casa Don Ramon is a story spelled in a bottle, telling of the heritage and traditions of the Mexican land. Made from a unique species of Salmiana agave, Mezcal speaks to us with an intense bouquet of flavors that transport us to a world of roasted nuts, peanut butter and unique notes of tar and kerosene. It’s a drink that combines the wild heart of Mexico with the classic art of distillation, while presenting a wealth of flavors – from smoky fruits to subtle smoked fish.

Following the path of Casa Don Ramon Mezcal Salmiana Joven, one discovers not only its unparalleled flavor characteristics, but also its creation process, which requires patience, knowledge and understanding of traditional production methods. Every drop of this mezcal is the result of carefully selected ingredients and a multi-generational passion for creating best quality spirits. The honorable mention by Spirits is not only an acknowledgment of its class, but also an invitation for you to be swept away on this extraordinary taste journey that combines heritage, innovation and uniqueness.

94/100 – Pierre Vallet XXO cognac

Pierre Vallet XXO cognac, with a rating of 94/100 in the “Spirits of January 2024” list, is the quintessence of French craftsmanship and a multi-generational distillation tradition, whose roots go deep into the heart of the Cognac region. This unique drink, whose youngest ingredient is aged for at least 14 years, is a symbol of elegance and sublime taste. The aromatic bouquet of this cognac shows before you the essence of apricot, peach and pomelo, delicately intermingled with notes of tobacco and almonds. The taste of Pierre Vallet XXO cognac captivates with its multidimensionality – from tart apples and pears, through sour grapes, to subtle hints of bitter tea and licorice.

On the finish of this rich drink, you will discover deep notes of bitter plums and mirabelles, which harmonize with the sweetness of raisins, dates and pralines. Chocolate-covered cherries and Italian dark chocolate-covered nuts add a sophisticated touch to the cognac. The distinction of Pierre Vallet XXO by the Spirits portal as one of the Spirits of January 2024 is not only a confirmation of its uniqueness, but also a tribute to the masterful work of the distillers, who from generation to generation pass on the secrets of producing this extraordinary liquor. It’s an invitation to a world where tradition meets modernity.

mezcal don ramon as spirits of january 2024
What makes our spirits unique?

The distinction of our alcohol by Spirits is not only a prestige, but above all a confirmation of the uniqueness of taste and quality. Behind the success of Casa Don Ramon Mezcal Salmiana and Pierre Vallet XXO cognac is not only the careful selection of ingredients, but also unique production methods. This pursuit of perfection in every detail is what makes our spirits stand out.

Each of these spirits is a story of passion and of people who have passed down the secrets of their craft from generation to generation. It is thanks to them that Casa Don Ramon and Pierre Vallet have become synonymous with the highest class. Spirits magazine has recognized this, appreciating not only the richness of the taste, but also the authenticity of the story behind it. This is confirmation that the values we care about are reflected in the perception of connoisseurs.

The importance of design in premium spirits

Bottle design in premium spirits also plays an important role. In the case of Casa Don Ramon Mezcal Salmiana and Pierre Vallet XXO, the unique aesthetics of the bottle are a reflection of the exceptional contents. The elegant bottle and carefully designed label not only catch the eye, but also communicate the brand values and class of the product.

In the world of premium spirits, where competition is fierce, unique design becomes a key element that distinguishes the product on the shelf. This is the first step in building an emotional connection with the consumer, inviting him or her into the world of luxury, tradition and modernity. Our spirits, thanks to their presentation, not only guarantee an unforgettable taste experience, but are also a decorative element of any bar.

Why choose award-winning spirits?

When you choose honorable mentioned spirits, you are opting for products that have already been recognized by experts and connoisseurs around the world. Honors such as a place in the “Spirits of January 2024” list awarded by the Spirits portal to Casa Don Ramon Mezcal Salmiana and Pierre Vallet XXO cognac are confirmation that passion, tradition and mastery of the art of distillation are behind them.