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Portofino Dry Gin La Penisola – limited edition gin!

new edition portofino dry gin

In recent years, gin has become one of the most prized distillates among connoisseurs around the world. Portofino Dry Gin, a renowned luxury spirits brand, presents “La Penisola,” a limited edition gin that pays homage to the picturesque Italian Riviera. Distilled from exceptional botanicals, this Italian gin offers a unique experience, transporting gourmands straight to sunny Portofino. Come discover this unique edition, which combines a wealth of flavors with authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Discover “La Penisola” – limited edition gin

Portofino Dry Gin‘s latest offering, “La Penisola,” is a limited edition gin that invites you to discover the essence of the Italian Riviera. This unique edition was created for those who appreciate not only a refined taste, but also a unique story contained in each glass.

“La Penisola” is more than premium alcohol. It’s a story written in aromatic notes that transport you directly to the picturesque shores of Portofino. Distilled using the traditional London Dry method, this Italian gin is enriched with ten carefully selected botanicals. Each bottle of “La Penisola” is a limited edition treasure that offers not only a superior taste experience, but also a feast for the senses, thanks to its depth and multidimensionality.

limited edition gin portofino dry gin
How does Portofino Dry Gin pay homage to the Italian coast?

Portofino Dry Gin has long been considered a symbol of Italian elegance and class, and the “La Penisola” edition only enhances this impression, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of Portofino’s landscape. Every drop of this gin is like a memory of the warm Mediterranean sun and refreshing sea breeze, which together create the unforgettable atmosphere of the region.

The choice of botanicals in “La Penisola” is no accident. Each ingredient reflects the specific characteristics of this environment – from aromatic herbs to citrus accents. Portofino Dry Gin in the “La Penisola” edition is a premium spirit, but also a tribute to all those who appreciate authenticity and depth of flavor, a reflection of the most beautiful corners of Italy.

Secrets of Portofino Dry Gin distillation – discover unique botanicals

The distillation of Portofino Dry Gin is a process in which tradition combines with precision to extract the purest essences from the botanicals used. “La Penisola,” as a limited edition of this luxury liquor, is a masterful example of this art. The use of the London Dry method means that all the flavors and aromas come directly from the distilled ingredients, without adding any artificial essences after distillation. This ensures that every drop of gin is the essence of purity and naturalness.

In “La Penisola” you will find a harmonious combination of ten botanicals that have been carefully selected to reflect the spirit of the Italian coast. Among them, coastal pine plays a starring role, adding a unique, slightly resinous note to the gin that reminds you of a walk in a Mediterranean forest. Other ingredients, such as juniper, cardamom, lavender, rose, and lemons from Liguria, contribute their own unique touches, creating a complex yet balanced flavor profile. This Italian gin is proof that a luxury spirit can also be a profound expression of distilling traditions.

limited edition gin portofino dry gin
What does luxury taste like? Portofino Dry Gin in the edition of “La Penisola”

Portofino Dry Gin in the limited edition “La Penisola” redefines the concept of luxury liquor, offering not only a unique flavor bouquet, but also an extraordinary sensory journey through the Italian coast. This edition is dominated by aromas of juniper and coastal pine, which combine with citrus freshness and herbal nuances to create a complex but harmonious composition. “La Penisola” is more than a gin – it’s a story of luxury, nature and tradition that every gin lover should know.