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Aperitif – perfect drink before the meal

Aperitif perfect drink

Pampelle is one of the most-known global French aperitif brands. The grapefruit aperitif is made on the River Charente banks in Cognac, France. The grapefruits used to make this perfect drink are handpicked on the Corsica Mediterranean idyllic island, giving the brand its distinctive ruby color, serving versatility, and bitter-sweet taste. Like any other aperitif, the Pampelle is alcoholic with 15% alcohol content, and every drink bottle contains one and a half grapefruit.

What Is An Aperitif?

Aperitifs are popular alcohol drinks taken before meals to stimulate your appetite. Their low alcohol content plus dry nature make them perfect to stoke your hunger while not dulling your palate. You can also enjoy the drink as a non-alcohol drink or make it a base in a cocktail. The best way to serve this drink is chilled and in modest amounts, often accompanied by starters like nuts, olives, and cheese. It gives the guests a good chance to interact and compose their stomachs for the coming meals. This was a custom during the earlier European days, especially in France. However, it started to spread to the United States in the early 20th century and later to other parts of the world. Pampelle has become a popular alcohol drink because it has naturally low sugar content and a bitter-sweet taste.

The secret to making the French aperitif is distilling three ways. They cut the grapefruits in half, then macerate them at length to achieve full extraction. They then macerate fresh pills and distill them in copper, enhancing the natural citrus aromas in the beverage. If you want to impress a woman this is the best cocktail for women.

The drink’s color is one of the most identifying characteristics, and they achieve it by pressing and reducing rubies until they gain a deep and velvety red color. To make the drink even better, they infuse it with natural and high-quality citrus peels from different parts of the world, including dried Cedrat, Yuzu, and Bigarade. The process continues by blending batches of the drink with botanicals like the natural Gentian bitters, Cinchona tree bark quinine, and Eau-de-Vie.


Eau-de-Vie is one of the brand’s signature botanicals, and they get it from fermenting and distilling grapes through column stills. The final step of the process is refining the drinks in Cognac and stamping them with the Damselfly seal.

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Popular Aperitif For Other Countries

Diefrend aperitif in other countries, here is a list of different perfect drink varieties to try. 


This Italian red spirit has a complex, bitter flavor and is characterized by a bold red color. It is made using various ingredients like spices, herbs, peels, and barks.


Pampelle Aperitif is from French and taste heavily relies on herbs, roots, and citrus notes, giving it a light and grapefruity flavor with a soft bitterness.


This Italian variety is made using 13 different plants and herbs, but the main one is the artichoke.


This is wine-based with little amounts of blended spirit. You can get the sweet or dry varieties on the rocks and topped off with an olive and some carbonated water.

Pimm’s No.1

This herbal, tangy, and red-tinted England aperitif has a gin base, making it unique and stronger. It also contains fruit juice, liqueur, and a botanical mix of spices and herbs.

Lillete Blanc

This is a wine-based aperitif sourced in Bordeaux. You can get it in different versions, but the most common is rose` and white. It has around 17% alcohol content and is best served with an orange slice.

Examples Of Aperitif-Based Cocktails

Aperitifs make the best cocktail for women because of their lower alcoholic content and sweeter tastes.

Pampelle Spritz

This is the best cocktail for women made by mixing ice, wine, three parts of prosecco, two parts of the grapefruit aperitif, and one part of soda water. 


You can make this cocktail by mixing a part of the French aperitif, a part of gin, and a part of sweet Vermouth Blanc.

Rivington Punch

This is another best cocktail for women made with Pampelle, soda water, dry rose` wine, raspberry liqueur, St.Germain French elderflower liqueur, grapefruit crescent, and strawberry slices.

Where To Buy Pampelle Online

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