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Esprit de Figues Fig Liqueur 18% 0,5l

Esprit de Figues Fig Liqueur 18% 0,5l



For modern day goddesses who like to tempt the divine, welcome to the home of Esprit De Figues L.M.D.M.

The origins of Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M begin in a 150-year-old distillery located in the historical territory of Burgundy, France. Our artisan distillers create the world’s most exquisite French luxury liqueur using the finest techniques. Made from Violette de Bordeaux Figs; this sweet liqueur is created, crafted and bottled in our 150-year-old family distillery located in Burgundy, France. Rich, succulent handpicked Violette de Bordeaux Figs are carefully infused for 3 months, to release their delicious taste and essence.


The world’s first true fresh fig liqueur. Each bottle is cubically and symmetrically balanced to contrast with the delicacy of the label design and add a modern edge. Perfect for innovative cocktails as well as classic recipes with a modern twist. Esprit de Figues is a French luxury fig liqueur that enhances any drinking occasion. Perfect for cocktails, nightcaps and divine evenings.

Vegan and GMO-free product.

Check out other capacities: 50 ml

Alcohol vol.: 18%

Capacity: 0,5l

Country of origin: France

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