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Antivirus Face Mask KN95, 5 Ply – 10 pcs.

Antivirus Epidemic Face Mask KN95, 5 Ply
Package – 10 pieces

Product description

A face mask consists of 5-layers structure with high-density premium fabric that effectively protects from fine particles and viruses, protects respiratory organs from infection sources. The KN95 mask is an anti-dust and antivirus face mask that allows to breathe and speak comfortably.

The product is made of high-quality materials with an ergonomic circular section for easier use. The mask has a safe lining with skin-friendly fabric, special design without touching lips, highly elastic earband with cushioning material, as well as stainless functional nasal adjustment strap. Its moisture wicking fabric keeps the skin and mouth area dry and comfortable.

This mask has the KN95 certification, which means it stops 95% out of over 130 various types of air contamination. The product neither irritates skin nor causes allergic reactions.

Package: 10 pieces (package dimensions: 17 x 22 cm).

  1. Do not use in enclosed spaces.
  2. Do not wash or reuse. It may reduce filtration performance.
  3. If you have difficulty with breathing, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  4. Do not add handkerchiefs, paper towels and other items to the mask.
  • The mask and adjustment belt is worn on the face.
  • Hang the ear strap need to be hung over your ears.
What is the Chinese Standard KN level?

KN means the mask is suitable for filtering non-oily particles. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.

Only after the test and certification are obtained, there is a KN95 and other protection level certification on report.

The representative performance of many test standards are the ratio of filtering dust when inhaling air and the dust accumulation efficiency.

The identification of fine particles reaching more than 90% of shielding is KN90. The identification of tine particles that reach more than 95% of shielding is KN95. KN100 was identified as a fine particle that achieved shielding above 99,97%.

KN80 protects respiratory system from sand and dust storms.

KN95 protects respiratory organs from harmful substances such as sand storms, fine particles, viruses, and sources of infection.




Importer: Crimston Sp. z o.o., KRS: 0000795227, NIP: 7010936221, REGON: 383906152. Address: Al. Jerozolimskie 123 A, 02-017, Warsaw, Poland. Official website: www.crimston.pl, e-mail: office@crimston.pl. The following provisions apply to the mask: Regulation (EU) No 425/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on personal protective equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC (Text with EEA relevance).


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